The Importance Of Office Cleaning As Employees Return To Work

Has your office been closed for the last few months due to a lockdown or government order? If so, preparing to shift back to ‘normal working conditions’ may seem a little worrying. 

Naturally, your employees will feel apprehensive about coming back into the office and being around coworkers while COVID-19 is still amidst us. However, you can help put your workers’ minds at ease by deep cleaning the office from top to bottom before their return.

So, how can you ensure that your office cleaning company cleans to a high enough standard needed during this pandemic? Here are the critical commercial cleaning services you should consider for your workspace. 

Reasons To Hire An Office Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning

Every person that enters your building brings in dirt and bacteria from their shoes. However, spores can easily hide in carpets. Plus, as we do not see what lurks between the fibers, most offices don’t clean their carpets as regularly as needed.  

Vacuuming your carpets will simply not cut it. To remove the bacteria, you need to call an expert steam carpet cleaning team that uses commercial-grade hot water extraction machines.

Upholstery cleaning

When it comes to deep office cleaning, upholstery is the area that is most often forgotten about. However, just like carpets, your couches and chairs can trap dirt and bacteria. The thing about upholstery is that different fabrics may require different upholstery cleaning processes. This is why it’s vital to use a professional and highly-rated office cleaning company that knows what is suitable for your particular soft furniture. 

Tile and grout cleaning

You may think tiles and grout floors are easy to clean, but this is not necessarily the case. Mopping tiles and grout with standard detergents can leave a dirty residue behind. Therefore, when performing a deep office cleaning, we recommend the use of an extraction cleaning system. These machines use heat combined with cleaning agents to vacuum and rinse the floor at high pressure, removing all dirt pores. 


Fogging is a commercial cleaning service that most people have recently come across because of COVID-19. Dry fogging is a revolutionary cleaning method that can remove all bacteria and viruses from your office. 

Fogging penetrates the air and every surface to destroy any presence of COVID-19 or other viruses. What’s more, the state-of-the-art fogging system that our trusted office cleaning company uses offers ongoing protection for 30 days too! Therefore, fogging is a must when it comes to creating a clean and safe environment for your returning employees.

Post-construction cleaning

The last few months have presented an ideal opportunity to refurbish or remodel offices with staff working from home. Therefore, suppose you have had construction taking place at your facility recently. In that case, post-construction cleaning is an additional commercial cleaning service that you should arrange. Remodeling or reconstructing a space can create a surprising amount of dust that accumulates in small holes and corners. If this debris is not removed, your staff will suffer the consequences of allergens in the air. 

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