Here’s Why Office Floor Cleaning Is Essential For Your Business

When it comes to office cleaning, it’s common to focus on the furniture. However, no matter how clean your office furniture is, if you do not have superior office floor cleaning services in your facility, the environment will remain dirty and unsafe. 

Sparkling clean floors make a great first impression on visitors, improve employee wellbeing, and most importantly, keep out bacteria and viruses. However, with many different flooring types in an office space, you cannot opt for just one cleaning method. 

If you’re looking to level up your office floor cleaning, here’s what you need to consider. 

Carpet cleaning

While carpets can look beautiful and feel soft beneath our feet, most people have no idea how much dirt and bacteria hides between the fibers. Carpets are not the easiest type of flooring to clean, and the truth is vacuuming does very little. 

Carpets need to be deep cleaned using a professional steamer that uses hot water and chemicals to remove all the debris clinging to the fibers. Therefore, if you have carpets in your office, it’s essential to use a commercial office floor cleaning company that is renowned for its floor care services. As well as eliminating the bacteria, they will be able to remove all stains, marks, pollutants, and allergens in your carpets too.

Tile and grout cleaning

Tiled flooring requires specialized cleaning as many standard detergents do not remove the dirt from the grout. This is because grout is porous, so it easily traps dirt between the tiles, making the sealing between the tiles look grey and dirty. However, it is possible to get your grout white again by using commercial office floor cleaning systems and products.

Therefore, to effectively clean tiles and grout, you’ll need to use an extraction cleaning system. This advanced cleaning system uses heat and cleaning agents to vacuum dirt and then finish with a high-pressure rinse. This will not only leave your office flooring free of bacteria, but your tiles will look new again. 

Floor care

Your office floors do not only need a frequent, thorough office floor cleaning, but they also need regular maintenance. Vinyl and laminate floors are popular choices in offices. However, with so many people entering and leaving the building, these types of flooring can quickly lose their sparkle and become dull. 

If you don’t know how to maintain your floors to keep them looking shiny and improve their longevity, look for a floor care services provider who can do this for you. For vinyl tiles, we use a strip and wax cleaning method. This works by removing the existing layer of finish to clean out the accumulated dirt within the tiles. The tiles are then buffed to bring back the shine before we coat them with a fresh layer of polish for protection.

By following these office floor cleaning tips above, you can quickly bring the sparkle back into your office flooring. With regular and professional office floor cleaning and maintenance, you will save yourself the cost and hassle of fitting new office flooring every few years. 

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