Carpet Cleaning

We have developed a secure and reliable method for commercial carpet cleaning. We start our carpet cleaning process with a pre-inspection of the carpeted area that needs to be cleaned. This allows us to evaluate the carpet and traffic, then formulate a strategy that ensures you will be completely satisfied with the carpet cleaning done in your business. Each commercial carpet installation is different, so we make sure we treat each area with the proper care.

Many Factors contribute to the overall commercial carpet cleaning situation and the maintenance requirements:
Type of carpet (construction and fiber content)   Use of the facility (restaurant, high rise, office building, manufacturing)  Number of occupantsTraffic PatternsWeather factorsSoil Types (outside dirt tracked in, food and drink spills)Owners expectationsBudget
It stands to reason that your commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program should be customized to suit your unique set of circumstances.

• Protect Your Investment

You have made a sizeable investment in your carpet. Like any major commercial purchase, your carpeting will require regular maintenance to perform to its potential. Neglect of the carpet will lead to premature wear, sub-standard appearance level, and waste of a valuable asset.

• Enhance Your Image

Your carpet provides a major part of the overall appearance and comfort level of your facility.
Keeping your business carpet cleaned and in the best possible condition will maintain the positive image you have worked so hard to create. Soiled or damaged carpet can tarnish an otherwise sterling image.

• Safeguard the Comfort and Well Being of Your Employees and Customers

Employees and customers are more comfortable in clean, well-maintained environments. Carpets and other fabric surfaces that are cleaned on a regular basis contribute to that feeling of well being. When your employees are comfortable and feel good about their surroundings, you will experience reduced absenteeism and a general feeling of "they care!" Customers gladly return to facilities where there is a clean comfortable atmosphere.